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Kathels, an instant whitening cream with SPF 30. The origin and research laboratory in French, the factory strictly following one rules, produce the best or nothing. With choosing only high-grade ingredient, we ensure every drop of Kathels is an essential to your skin.

Kathels, the instant whitening cream is the foundation of makeup that bring natural white to your skin. The essential of cream gives more than a foundation function, it can be used as day cream, that provide moisturizer and toning lotion at the same time. The natural ingredient of Kathels let your skin stay freshness feeling in whole day and keep your skin being nutritious. The nutrition are forces in reducing dark spot, wrinkle and get balance of your skin color. By daily applying Kathels, you will get noticed that your skin texture had been improved.

Kathels, the SPF 30 is the key of preventive dark spot and against the UV light. Kathels protect against environmental aggressors and visibly even skin tone. The natural ingredient come together with Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, that provide key to antioxidant and ageing. Its main function in skin care is to protect against sun damage.

Kathels is recommended for your daily use, the instant whitening cream build up your beauty and look energies impression to others. And its SPF 30 + absorbs the harmful UV light from the sun. Kathels starting from morning and end by night, is the ONE key to open up your daily adventure.